Research Roundup – 23 June

by | Jun 23, 2021

Traffic4cast competition focuses on AI models that can adapt to domain shifts in space and time

The Institute for Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI), an independent and global machine-learning research institute established by HERE Technologies, has announced its third annual Traffic4Cast competition. This year’s competition dataset covers 10 diverse cities (from New York to Berlin to Bangkok) in a time span of 2 years, and the dynamic data are derived from the GPS trajectories of a large fleet of vehicles, made available by HERE. Participants are tasked to create algorithms that predict future traffic flows for 10 cities.

High performance computing emerges as new competitive battleground, says GlobalData

Developments including growing volumes of data generated by IoT, AI and data-rich applications, is set to drive demand for higher performance computing solutions over the next five years. This will contribute to an increasingly competitive market for AI servers and high performance computing (HPC), including supercomputing, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

20% of Google Play apps don’t adhere to COPPA rules

Researchers at consumer website Comparitech have found that 1 in 5 children’s apps available on Google Play don’t adhere to COPPA rules. Congress introduced the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act in 1998.  The majority of these apps collect data but fail to include a child-specific section, suggesting that children’s data is collected and used the same as adult data. More worrying still, over 5 percent of all the apps investigated declared that their services aren’t targeted toward or do not address children–including apps with “kids” and “toddler” in their name.

One person in four risks sharing confidential work-related information  

A new survey carried out by KnowBe4 Research shows that nearly a quarter of employees are unsure whether the information they are working with is confidential or not. This “Indicates poor training and follow-up by management,” according to Research Director Kai Roer. There are considerable differences between different business sectors. In the construction, education, transport and retail sectors, as many as 34–35 percent say they are unsure about the status of the information they are working with. 

 Sophisticated New Attacks in the Wild on Container Supply Chains and Infrastructure  

Aqua Security has published new research from Team Nautilus revealing a continued rise in cyberattacks targeting container infrastructure and supply chains, and showing that it can now take less than one hour to exploit vulnerable container infrastructure. The “Cloud Native Threat Report: Attacks in the Wild on Container Infrastructure” provides a detailed analysis of how bad actors are getting better at hiding their increasingly sophisticated attacks. 

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