Research Roundup – 17 June

by | Jun 17, 2021

Toshiba Researches Send Quantum Information Over 600-kilometer-long Optical Fibres

Toshiba have successfully sent quantum information over 600-kilometer-long optical fibers, creating a new distance record and paving the way for large-scale quantum networks that could be used to exchange information securely between cities and even countries. Working from the company’s R&D lab in Cambridge in the UK, the scientists demonstrated that they could transmit quantum bits (or qubits) over hundreds of kilometers of optical fiber without scrambling the fragile quantum data encoded in the particles, thanks to a new technology that stabilizes the environmental fluctuations occurring in the fiber.

Cyber Criminals Target Amazon Prime Day 

Research from Check Point has spotted an increase in malicious activity in the run-up to Amazon Prime Day 2021. In the last 30 days, over 2,300 new domains were registered about Amazon, a 10% increase from the previous Amazon Prime Day, where the majority now are either malicious or suspicious. Almost one out of two (46%) new registered domains containing the word “Amazon” are malicious while almost one out of three (32%) new registered domains with the word “Amazon” are deemed suspicious

UK Leads Bitcoin Gains In Europe

Chainalysis has analysed transaction data to calculate estimated Bitcoin gains in 2020 by investors’ home country. The UK leads Europe at 4th place, with Germany, France and Spain following at 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. According to the researchers what stands out the most is the number of countries that appear to be punching above their weight in Bitcoin investment as compared to their rankings in traditional economic metrics. The Czech Republic ranks 54th in GDP at $251 billion but is 18th in realized Bitcoin investment gains at $281 million, for example.

SAS and The University of Cambridge Bring Analytics To Kidney Transplants

The University of Cambridge has been working with analytics company SAS to revolutionise kidney transplantation in the UK. Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision can automate the process of scoring biopsies for kidneys to better select kidneys for transplantation. The aim is to increase the number of transplants and improve the function of those kidneys used. By minimising human involvement, an assessment of the digitalised kidney biopsy image using computer vision technology could enable the introduction of National Digital Pathology scheme.

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