New Research Investigates Gender Inequalities In Funding

by | Apr 29, 2021

Analysis of 9,422 companies using data from Q, NGP Capital’s AI platform, has uncovered the challenge women face in the European fundraising market. The study shows that the female gender alone reduces the probability of receiving venture capital by 17%.

The total number of start-up companies that raised venture capital in the sample was 9,422 out of a total sample of 21,289 European start-ups. These companies were then categorised into those started solely by women, those started solely by
men, and those with at least one woman on the founding team

Key findings include:

  • Female-only founding teams start fewer companies and are less likely to raise venture capital
  • In most industries, mixed-gender teams have a higher chance of raising venture capital than male-only or female-only teams
  • Background factors affect the ability to raise venture capital, but gender seems to play a larger role
  • The female gender alone reduced the probability of a founder being allocated venture capital by 17%

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